Delta Electronic Industries Company

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Delta Electronic Industries Company

Delta Company is an Egyptian joint-stock company specialized in the manufacturing and assembly of LED lamps, spotlights, and their accessories. It was founded more than 10 years ago and has proven its efficiency significantly and noticeably in the Egyptian, African, and Arab markets more than any company operating in the same field.

Delta Company is unique in that it is the only Egyptian company specialized in printing electrical circuits for LED lamp and spotlight boards using the latest and best machines.

t also stands out in the assembly of these boards using the best LED assembly machines and deep components.

Delta Company is characterized by the best materials, the highest quality, and a competitive price.

The company works hard on a regular basis to find the best materials from technological materials, design, and innovation to ensure the best product that suits all customers in terms of reasonable price and high quality.

We hope that our products will suit all tastes and will be liked by them, not only in the Egyptian market but also in the African and Arab markets.

Delta Electronic Industries Company

OUR Aspiration

Reaching the best possible efficiency is the basis of our vision, and therefore with the completion of this vision, we can aspire to be a global platform in the production and manufacture of parts and lighting products, and the unparalleled success we have achieved in the volume of operation and product efficiency always motivates us to expand this success to be an important part of that industry, not in Egypt and the Middle East, but in the whole world.


Our Vision

Our vision is always to work hard to achieve the best production efficiency, which in turn includes the efficiency of operation and the efficiency of work outputs and access to a comprehensive development mechanism to advance all aspects of the work environment to the maximum degree of quality.